Interiot shots- Bocas Condos


Here are some pictures of our rental studio at Bocas Condos, now in a somewhat annoying gallery app.  I may change that later.


4 Responses to “Interiot shots- Bocas Condos”

  1. […] and Carenero has a large, hungry population of sand flies.  We landed in a studio apartment that was a little too small for a multi-month stay but worked well for the time we were there.  For one person it would be ideal.  It had two […]

  2. Dusty Says:

    I was here in April as well. Reading back through your blog has been awesome. I took so many similar pictures of Nica and Panama that you did. Are you still in Bocas? So you’re anonymous or?? I’m Dusty, moved from Portland, OR, and headed to Mexico next. Ever been?

    • cgearhart Says:

      Hey Dusty,

      I’ve flown into Cancun a couple of times in order to travel to Belize (Belize City tends to be an expensive airport), but I’ve never spent more than a few days. Playa del Carmen is popular with expats that I met in Belize and elsewhere. Chetumal is the Mexican border town near Belize and the area has good shopping (they used to run an overnight bus occasionally from Placencia, Belize to Chetumal; something like 13 hours if memory serves. That was just for the shopping. I love Belize but it’s a basket case when it comes to economic management). That’s about all I know of Mexico.

      As for annonymity, I kept my name off of this project initially and then it just kind of stuck that way.

      What were your favorite spots in Nica and Panama? Please post some impressions of Mexico, too, as you form them.

  3. […] rental is the smallest we’ve shared for a month, even smaller than our Bocas Del Toro Studio, but the layout is highly functional and so far we’re sharing the space well. It was mildly […]

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