Current Location: Midwestern College Town


Price of beer in a bar: ~$4.75/pint of craft draft

Song currently stuck in my head: Bird 1 (Underworld)

The core clothing in my pack is as follows:

1 Pair of Ecco loafers

3 pairs of Smartwool merino wool socks

3 pairs of Icebreaker/Cabela’s merino wool breifs

1 Pair of Dickies cotton/poly pants

1 Pair of Old Navy wool/poly pants

2 3¬†Icebreaker/Cabela’s merino wool short sleeve T shirts

2 Exofficio Give-n-Go short sleeve T shirts

1 The North Face synthetic button down

1 Colombia synthetic button down wind shirt

1 Merona cashmere sweater


The wool socks/underwear/Ts were purchased on deep discount, often clearance. Everything else was bought second hand for ~US$5. Wool is the standard for onebaggers due to it’s odor resistance and weight/warmth ratio. The Dickies are a little more non-standard, but I think they’ll do well. They’re well made, stain resistant and quick drying. Average highs in Krakow are around 66 F (19 C) in September and we expect the weather to dip from there as we move into warmer climates in colder months.

Basically everything you see pictured can be interchanged; the T’s under the button downs under the sweater, the Ts on their own, the Ts and button downs on their own, the Ts under the sweater, all with either pair of pants with my shoes. I don’t care as much about variety as being able to grab whatever is clean in whatever temperatures and prolonging my time between washes.

In my opinion the Give-N-Go Ts are incredibly overrated. They smell awful within a few hours, the lighter colors are transparent enough to simulate a wet T shirt contestant’s costume and the necks sit in an odd way that isn’t uncomfortable but is often unsightly. But I’ve got 2 of them and this is what they’re made for, so I’m going to give them a shot. There’s not much in this pack that will make it to Asia (most of the items have been chosen to be discarded after several months of use), but the Give-N-Gos are light enough to consider pushing forward.

I will be carrying additional clothes for exercise and/or around the house lounging and will also bring a black Salomon soft shell jacket, but this is the entirety of my core wardrobe for the fall/winter/spring in Central Europe.


5 Responses to “Current Location: Midwestern College Town”

  1. Scott Says:

    Wrong place for reply.

    Ospreys wear well. But you are right, they put the laptop sleeve is weirdly balanced

    I’ve basically shifted nearly all clothes to Patagonia. I know it’s not the lightest but I need stuff that holds up for a year at a time

    When I was back in the states last year I picked up an Amazon fire for 50 usd. Dropped a big memory card in there. If it gets stolen so be it, will take the risk.

    I’d love to hear what you advise on small lower banks. And I still don’t think they’ve gotten one strong enough to charge a camera. This will be a game changer for me.

    Very best your way from Zambia

  2. Marina Says:

    Hi there! Thought of you when I saw this article. Also if you do go to Greece, I highly recommend the Peloponnese area. The coast is beautiful and much more affordable than the islands.

    • Cory Says:

      Greece is becoming more and more likely. Thanks for the leads, I will definitely dig into them (and pass them along).

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