Current Location: Midwestern College Town


Price of beer in a bar: ~$4.75/pint of craft draft

Song currently stuck in my head: Cannonball (The Breeders)

My bag is either a Maxpedition Doppelduffel Adventure Bag that was sold out the backdoor or a pitch-perfect counterfeit. It’s identical to the bag shown except it lacks the branding and instead has a small ‘WFS Tactical’ tag, which appears to be a tiny online seller whose wares are diverse enough they almost certainly aren’t manufacturing them. This bag is serious overkill for this trip, but it’s a sturdy convertible duffel/backpack so I’ve opted to love the bag I’m with rather than buying something new. Maxpedition bags are popular with technicians because they generally have a high level of integrated organization. In fact, the only thing that bothered me when I got fired from my last job was that they wouldn’t let me keep my Maxpedition Versipack. My other two options are an REI Flashpack 45 and an Osprey Porter 46.

The Doppel is bigger (57 liters) and stronger (read: heavier) than I need for this trip, so my Flashpack 45 would probably do just fine. It’s ~ 2 pounds lighter and 45 liters should be plenty of space. I have the old model, which is the one you see reviewed on the other end of that link. REI overhauled this much loved line this past year and long time fans aren’t particularly happy with changes. I bought it on clearance about 10 months ago and it’s barely breathed fresh air, but for this trip I really want a duffel that opens wide. My bag will spend the overwhelming majority of its time on a table during this trip, so top loading hiking packs like The Flashpack would be somewhat out of place.

The Girlfriend will be using my Osprey Porter 46. This bag was recommended by a friend after she and her husband took an around the world trip with a pair of these. It’s pretty much custom made for this type of travel (guesthouses, airports, train stations and ambling unfamiliar urbanity) and wears comfortably thanks to a nice thick waist belt. The Doppel is a little too much bag for The Girlfriend, both in weight and fit, so while I’d be happy to carry The Porter myself that’s probably not how it’s going to turn out this time.


2 Responses to “Current Location: Midwestern College Town”

  1. Scott Says:

    Cannot recommend osprey porter series. Travelled with that bag and it was awkwardly balanced

    Moved onto the osprey farpoint 40 which I can recommend

    Glad to hear you are setting back out

    • cgearhart Says:

      Were you carrying a laptop? The one really weird thing I noticed is the laptop sleeve placement, which is way out from the body rather than close to your back and center of gravity.

      I’ve definitely heard good things about The Fairpoint.

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