Current Location: Midwestern College Town


Price of beer in a bar: ~$4.75/pint of craft draft

Song currently stuck in my head: Right Here, Right Now (Jesus Jones)

I had hoped Jesus Jones would be the banner act for the developmentally lethargic 90s retro craze I was promised, but it seems like The Spin Doctors won that title. Now every other theatrical flashback to ’94 is introduced with Two Princes. Fair enough.

Our tickets are purchased, two direct flights from O’Hare to Berlin for US$766.16 total via Justfly.com. We’ll be visiting with some expatriated Americans; old friends that we hope will drop in occasionally during our travels across Central Europe. We’ve arranged a 30 day rental in Krakow (or something) to kick off our stay in earnest and then we’ll be feeling out what our limited budget will allow. We intend to work our way South, eventually departing the land mass and heading along the typical backpacker trail through Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand…). We’ll be working our way slowly across former Soviet Republics in the fall and winter and Asia in the spring and summer, all in an attempt to take advantage of long term discounts on lodging and low season prices on everything. I have a feeling we’ll gravitate toward higher ground in Asia because the summers are supposed to be brutal throughout much of it.

I’m pretty excited about my pack, which came together suddenly after a prolonged period of dithering. The Girlfriend and I have both picked up a lot from the onebagger and ultralight communities and are putting those ideas to work on this trip through no small amount of hand wringing about which interoperating series of garments provides the most flexibility for the lightest weight and lowest volume. I’ve long been advised to show up in Asia with as little as possible and equip yourself locally, so our packs are tooled almost exclusively for Europe. We’ll be looking at an average high of 66 (19) in Krakow in September and even though we’ll move South from there I expect the temperatures to descend over our time in Europe. If we make it to the Croatian Coast in May, we should be poking back into temperatures close to autumnal Krakow.

Here‘s where I’m at right now, pack wise. That page will update as I make changes to my pack. I’ll get more into the bag and it’s contents later.


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