Current Location: Midwestern College Town, USA


Price of beer in a bar: In my absence it’s climbed to about US$7 for a pint of craft on draft

Song currently stuck in my head: I’m Waiting For My Man (Lou Reed)

It looks like we’ve run out of content, at least for the moment. I think all of the interesting photos have been posted and most of the relevant ramblings have been expressed. I still owe you a summary and cost of living spreadsheet for Leon and have some notes that might warrant additional ink, but this post marks the end of the 3-a-week cycle that I’ve been maintaining since I began this summer trip.

Posting will be sporadic until the next time I’m somewhere worth writing about.

I kind of hope it’s Uruguay.


6 Responses to “Current Location: Midwestern College Town, USA”

  1. James Says:

    How about Ecuador and or Baja Sur?

  2. Steve Drago Says:

    Corry – Your posts continue to inspire one to travel! Well Done and Safe Travels on your next adventure – Uruguay sounds great! /steve

  3. cgearhart Says:

    Thanks Steve! Would love to make it your way before long.

  4. Sandie Says:

    Just finished the “Book”. Thanks for the insight and practical advice. Looking at David or Boquette, one of those hip older folks looking to retire and still have a great life…single gal who has always done it her way. Thanks again

    • cgearhart Says:

      Thanks, it’s always great to hear my ramblings might be helpful. You might also consider Volcan (Panama), which is up around Boquete but larger. I’ve never been there, but plenty of people we met in Boquete were living there and spoke well of it.

      Good luck and have fun.

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