Then and Now



lunch time2014-05-30 05.46.52

Market comedor (diner) prices then and now. These are very price sensitive, competitive places that are not catering to tourists (though they attract plenty). Cordoba prices have risen roughly 20% since 2010 when the first picture was taken, but the Cordoba has also devalued by almost exactly that much, so the prices now, valued in US$, are basically the same (around US$1.57/breakfast of eggs, gallo pinto and some trimmings and US$2.35/lunch of chicken in garlic sauce, rice, beans, slaw and some trimmings, for example).  This alignment is no coincidence; the Cordoba is on a consistent, scheduled devaluation against the dollar. During our stay in late 2010 we were exchanging at 21.6 Cords/US$1. Now I get 25.5. This number climbs every week or so, but for math purposes I stick with one number for my records over a given visit.


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