2014-05-24 14.15.23

2014-05-23 16.50.50

2014-05-24 14.07.20

2014-05-21 16.22.07

Pictured (poorly) above:

1 lightweight hat that I overpaid US$5.88 for at a tourist stand.  The brim is narrow but does a great job of keeping the sun off my fragile, pale outer layer. It looks less ridiculous than it should.
1 pair of Cubavera linen/rayon pants, baggy enough to be from ’92. Trust me, I was there.  I paid US$2 and they seem new.
1 pair of Royal Robbins hiking pants.  Wonderfully constructed, used, probably abandoned by some backpacker who reached the excessively hot stretch of their trip.  Perfect shape, no visible wear, US$10.
1 purple T shirt and 1 purple polo, both cotton/poly blend, both very comfortable thus far.  The T was used, the poly new with tags: US$2.35 and US$4.
3 polos: great Structure, I mean “Express Men” cotton/lycra shirt, polyester white, green and ambiguously branded tennis shirt (which I’m wearing as I type this) and a very lightweight cotton shirt that probably won’t last long: all three for US$4.71.

1 Pair of Avia performance shorts.  These have become half of my daily uniform.  They seem appropriate for swimming, but I haven’t tried yet. They stretch, breath and don’t show dirt.  New with tags: US$5.50

And finally, what debonair gentlemen in this part of the world might look like while enjoying an afternoon conversation.

All of these clothes (including, presumably, those in the last picture) where purchased here in Leon at a mix of new and second hand stores.  All in (5 shirts, 2 pants, 1 shorts, 1 hat) my purchases add up to US$34.44, $10 of which were the hiking pants alone.


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