2014-05-08 05.39.50

2014-05-08 05.39.26

2014-05-08 05.38.32

2014-05-08 05.38.14

2014-05-08 05.37.50

2014-05-08 05.37.44

2014-05-08 05.37.25

2014-05-08 05.37.05

2014-05-08 05.36.52

2014-05-08 05.36.36

2014-05-08 05.36.27


3 times a week you’ll find me lifting a mixture of olympic weights and recycled tractor equipment at “(The Power of) Alex(‘s) Gym.” I can’t quite figure out what that thing is in the second to last picture, but I’m a fan.  It’s heavy and comfortable to grip and two of them allow you to do a reasonable set of shrugs. A guy that I think is Alex confirmed they do come from a tractor.

The pictures are grainy because, it turns out, a luminary chaos of fluorescent bulbs and blinding stabs of Nicaraguan daylight in a shadowy tin cavern is not an ideal environment for Iphone pictures.

My monthly membership cost me US$7 and I love this place.

BTW, the weight rooms here are full of women pushing iron and they’re all working thighs and ass almost exclusively; bulgarian split squats, leg presses, kickbacks… they’ve clearly got a goal in mind.


One Response to “Sweatbox”

  1. Mark Crump Says:

    Those things in the gym are tractor weights… they are used to add weight for traction and for digging into the soil with farm implements, to increase the depth of “dig ” in harrowing or breaking soil.

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