Upscale Leon


2014-04-27 09.30.36

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I was flipping through a tourist brochure yesterday and Granada had several pages of amazing looking spas, high end hotels, luxury goods and all manner of gringo-friendly indulgence.  Leon had… well, not much.  So I thought I’d highlight some of the higher end spots I’ve seen.  This is by no means exhaustive; I find out about a new Mediterranean restaurant or tobacconist every day.

From the top, 3 shots of Azul, a boutique hotel across the street from where I’m sipping my cappuccino at this very moment.  It’s close to the central square, which is true of all of these pictures. Rooms rent for around US$40/night. Sorry for the soft blur on one of two of those pics.  I’m not a great photographer and the iphone’s auto-focus makes some odd decisions.

Next up, Carnivoro and the exterior of Le Turon, upscale dining options that come recommended. The eighth photo is the local cinema; not much curb appeal, but it’s inside a very nice plaza and shows every indication of being one of the better theaters I’ve been to in Latin America.  Admittedly, that’s a low bar. Anything beats Peruvian kids pissing on the floor. Curb appeal is seldom a priority here, whether for homes or businesses.  It’s what’s on the *inside* that counts.

That airy cafe/bar opens to The Central Park and cathedral.  I don’t know it’s name, but it’s hard to miss.  Finally, two shots from La Union, a better local supermarket where you can’t reach for a mango without banging 20 gringo elbows.  This has more to do with Bigfoot and Via Via, the town’s major backpacker hostels, being around the corner than any kind of pale snobbery.


4 Responses to “Upscale Leon”

  1. Sandra Says:

    I stayed at La Pearla a few years ago when I was visiting Leon. It was very pleasant and comfortable, with a pool of similar size to the one in your picture and lot of ancient pottery and artifacts dotted around. The restaurant was first rate, too.

  2. Dean Says:

    When I was in Leon in Dec 2013 I went through La Union to enjoy the AC and had lunch inside at the buffet. It was a very good lunch, cheap and when you add the AC it is a luxurious bargain in Leon!

  3. Mario Rivera Says:

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