2014-04-24 07.38.57


2014-04-24 11.17.08

2014-04-24 07.44.03

2014-04-24 11.15.59

2014-04-29 10.05.45

From the top: 4 Wheel Drive is popular around here.  The major roads are great but the quality drops precipitously as you get into poorer or less populated areas.  I took this photo in Jinotega, which is surrounded by significant inclines that might be especially challenging in the rainy season (I’m just assuming there’s a rainy season up there). Next up is two shots of Cafe Bohemios (also in Jinotega), a proper espresso bar tucked up in coffeeland.  Jinotega seems like it has tremendous upside, but I was only there 2 days. There were lots of seemingly small places like in picture 4 for sale, but you can never tell how big a place is from the curb presence here; that  colonial approximation of a modest bungalow could open up to a half acre of rooms and gardens in the back, even here in town.  Google’s satellite imagery comes in handy for situations like this, assuming you don’t want to hassle with arranging a tour. The last photo is a comparable home in Leon with a nice second story balcony.


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