Around Leon










4 Responses to “Around Leon”

  1. Steve Drago Says:

    Hi Cory! Enjoying your pix/commentaries – Leon looks pretty nice and your pix show the diversity! Thailand now under martial law since 1630 on Thursday – – basically , the Army has shut the schools for 3 days/taken over TV & Radio and has stopped about 150 persons from leaving country while imposing a nationwaide 2200 – 0500 curfew – – peaceful at this point as Army has called upon the 2 political parties to settle their differences peacefully – economy taking some severe hits in many areas. Hoping parties get their act together soon! /steve

  2. Dean Says:

    If you want to see the new #1 youtube presentation of Leon go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITLygEdkV5c

  3. David Says:

    very nice photos.Leon very hot in temperature though.thailand struggling with this problem over many years.Most ex pats unaffected for the majority of times.But,this time more organization,from both sides,so future damage uncertain.Is hurting tourism,economy,and stock market currently

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