“Follow me go shopping…”










Pictured above: interspersed pictures from one of the larger central markets in town and a small, densely stocked corner store.


4 Responses to ““Follow me go shopping…””

  1. Wade K. Says:

    Still great info! Of the cities you’ve been to in Nicaragua which do you find the most liveable, the most enjoyable?

    • cgearhart Says:

      Probably San Juan Del Sur. Rumor has it sjds has changed a lot in the last few years, though, so I’m hoping to find out for myself.

  2. Wade K. Says:

    I’ve gotten married since posting a few thoughts here a couple of years ago. We quit our jobs, moved to San Miguel de Allende. I loved it, she hated it. Lasted 9 days. Now we’re in Tucson, AZ looking for work. After a lot of discussion I made the point that when our Social Security starts in 10 years(we’re both 52), I can put my entire pension on her house in Kansas City and pay it off, IF we live in an affordable place overseas and she keeps the house rented. Most likely headed to Ecuador but still considering Nicaragua. Esteli just opened a small mall with a two screen theater. I really like cooler weather, can’t imagine living in Leon.

    • cgearhart Says:

      Sounds like a plan. Everyone that I’ve talked to speaks highly of matagalpa, which has some of the same draws as Esteli. I’m hoping to spend a few days there and get a small sense of it.

      We definitely enjoyed our time in Esteli.

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