Current Location: Cafe Rosita, Leon, Nicaragua


Price of beer in a bar: US$0.86
Song currently stuck in my head: The Veldt (Deadmau5)

I’m sitting on the terrace, double cappuccino (US$1.29) in hand, looking out across the roofs and treetops, the corrugated zinc in various states of rust and broken ceramic roof tiles. The air is still, the temperature is just this side of tolerable. Church bells mark the hour. There is an astounding number of cathedrals in this town. The best I can tell, this cafe closed a couple years ago and the employees banded together, raised a few tens of thousands of US dollars and reopened. It’s Sunday and Sundays are very hit or miss in Latin America. I’m relieved to find this place open. I moved into my 30 day digs yesterday, but I didn’t get around to buying coffee. The owner of the guest house is a coffee guy with his own label, so there’s plenty of hardware around; grinder, mocha pots, drip brewers… It sounds like he has the only dark roast that I’m likely to run across. It took him years to convince his roasters to push it a little further. To them it was blasphemy; dark roasts are what you do to low quality beans to mask their flaws. US$6/pound should set me up for most of the month.

Ahhh… a light breeze. This could become a weekly thing.

The bandwidth is also good at this cafe, probably because it’s Sunday Morning and I’m not sharing it with many people.  I’m repeatedly infuriated by people, especially staff, bogging down the shared internet connections because they insist on streaming all of their music off youtube. Hey, Gen Y, take it from a former sysadmin: storage is cheap, 3rd world bandwidth is precious.  Download the fucking song already.  Stop streaming video that you don’t care about just to hear a confusingly low quality copy of that Marc Anthony track and every subsequent song google adds. If you just want to hear songs that some algorithm chose for you, turn on the radio. It’s still in full force down here and it’s free.

I’m not as crotchety as I sound.  I assure you, I utilize the internet to a greater extent than most and I applaud open access as its biggest strength. I may have to share it with idiots, but I don’t have to do so silently.



(BTW, it’s 25.5 Nicaraguan Cordobas to 1 US dollar)

“Someday I’ll have a disappearing hairline, someday I’ll wear pajamas in the daytime, oh afternoons, will be measured out, measured out, measured with, coffee spoons”


2 Responses to “Current Location: Cafe Rosita, Leon, Nicaragua”

  1. Dean Says:

    The employees raised ‘a couple of hundred thousand dollars’ this is very hard to believe in Leon…

  2. cgearhart Says:

    Yeah, I think you’re right. I’ve edited the post. My info was based on some reference to this loan: http://www.theworkingworld.org/index.php?action=loan&id=830&subaction=summary. They either omitted the “AR” in the price that I saw or I blanked it (I was just looking for hours of operation).

    That makes it 400,000 Argentine Pesos. That was about US$90,000 back when the loan was issued in 2012.

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