I’m selling my Condo, not yet moving to Latin America


On a personal/business note, I’m selling my condo. It’s an upmarket one bedroom in Chicago on Lakeshore Drive in the East Lakeview neighborhood with a beautiful view of the lake from all rooms except the bath.

If anyone is in the market, get at me. Selling direct bypasses a lot of fees, so it’s a better deal for both of us.

Event though this is being put into motion days after I’ve arrived in Central America, this isn’t “Sell my Corvette and send me half the money, I’m staying.”

Understand, I do not own a Corvette. I barely have a working bicycle. Actually, I haven’t checked lately. I might not have a working bicycle.

Yet somehow I have a near-luxury condo in an upscale Chicago neighborhood… for now.


3 Responses to “I’m selling my Condo, not yet moving to Latin America”

  1. Mario Rivera Says:

    How much do you want and what are the condo fees?

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    • cgearhart Says:

      I think the condo fees are $385/month, but I could be overestimating that by $10. There some of the lowest in the area among comparable buildings and are a big part of why I bought the place originally. I have never been levied a special assessment, the budget is very well managed.

      I don’t have a price yet, but I will within the next few days. Should I email you when that happens?

  2. Scott Says:

    Look forward to seeing you out on the road, keepin it warm for you in the meantime, Best.

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