Somewhat Inactive, Not Abandoned


The period between posts here is measured in months these days, but don’t mistake that for total inactivity.  The Girlfriend and I are currently hanging around the developed world, plotting our return to lower latitudes.  Though I don’t want to dilute the content here with idyll speculation and reminiscence from afar, I’m always happy to answer questions and provide any guidance that I can.


2 Responses to “Somewhat Inactive, Not Abandoned”

  1. Funny to see this today — yesterday I was wondering out loud how things were going for you back in the States. I hope things are well, and that once you make the move again, you will resume blogging. It was a great thing to look forward to every Monday
    morning, definitely my favorite blog!

    • cgearhart Says:

      Thanks, I really enjoy your blog as well. Rest assured, when I have something worth sharing I’ll be back at the keyboard tout suite.

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