Someone else’s San Juan Del Sur Budget


The couple who maintains the dependably great In Nica Now Blog put up their full budget for October 2012.  They brought it in at US$1,400 compared to the US$950 we spent in 2010, but they have a vehicle (which we didn’t) and included a trip to Managua (~US$80 by my math).

They pay the same rent we did and as much as I loved our place, their 3 bedroom, 2 bath looks better than our 2 bedroom 1 bath. Some of the difference in price can be attributed to their commitment to 6 months (we were living month to month) and our location was arguably better (closer to the beach and no uphill walking).

One Response to “Someone else’s San Juan Del Sur Budget”

  1. In Nica Now Says:

    Thanks for the pingback guys!

    We also tracked our expenses for one month while living in Granada.

    For details click on the link below:



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