Nicaraguan Crime


The Economist has a piece in this week’s issue about Nicaragua’s surprisingly low crime rate.  It’s not always clear what “crime” (or “violence”) they’re referring to, but they do call out the homicide rates specifically.  I’ve made no secret of my belief that it’s a real treasure in terms of low violent crime/relatively low property crime/low cost of living.


2 Responses to “Nicaraguan Crime”

  1. itstime1109 Says:

    Interesting – thanks for posting this. It’s strange how the article title indicates that Nicaragua has a low crime rate, but still includes chilling descriptions of the very same violent crimes you aren’t likely to encounter there. Obviously not written by a PR person.

    Hope you’re back in the swing of things in the States!


  2. BTW — the “itstime1109” isn’t my id anymore. I set up a new blog to keep my family up to date on our Boquete experience, but anyone is welcome. You were right — we like it here.

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