Current location: Studio apartment, Bocas Town,Colon Island, Panama


Price of beer in a bar: US$1.25 at the riptide (“Happy Hour all day”).
Song currently stuck in my head: Dangerous (Roxette)

Right off the bat, this exists and looks like it might be useful for comparing costs of living: http://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living

The riptide is a bar that’s on a docked boat and a shining reminder that for many people marriage is betting someone half your shit that you’ll still love them in 20 years. We’ve just crossed the midway point with our time in Bocas and we’re enjoying it more and more. We overpaid for a day tour of some of the sights (US$92 for 2, including one plate of lunch and park entrance fees) around here; Dolphin Bay, The Slipper Islands (Zapatillas) and another Caye where The Girlfriend finally spotted a couple of sloths, something she’d been trying to make happen for months. We spent an equally (more?) enjoyable day on the boat of a local gringo who built the ~60′ trimaran with a lot of personal touches. He takes friends (and, thankfully, friends of friends) out for a long ride some weekends and hits a beach or the site of a resort he’s building.

Yesterday I turned on our water filter. We’d been happily drinking the water that came out of the smaller spout in the kitchen sink, but now I’m not sure it was ever clean. Many of our outlets are GFCIs. While the outlet that our water filter is plugged into is not, it appears to be wired in series to one that is and that happened to be tripped. I reset it yesterday and now our water filter glows like a black light, assuredly due to some type of UV treatment. I had taken the system to be reverse osmosis, and it may be, meaning the UV is just a bonus and our water was always being filtered, but what am I, The Culligan Man?

The return to the heat and the absence of a gym has slowed my metabolism greatly. We’re running AC at night (our ground level windows lack bars, so I won’t leave them open when I’m unconscious), so I wake up with a bit of a hunger, but much of the time I’m back to eating the tiny portions that I’d become accustomed to before Boquete.  The heat isn’t sweltering here, so it’s not as noticeable as it was in Granada.

The Girlfriend has convinced me that we should loosen the purse strings and “live a little” here in Bocas, as this is our last stop on this trip.  So far, aside from the almost wasted US$92 mentioned earlier, adding even a small amount (15%) of spending cash has made a big difference.  I’ll elaborate more in the Bocas summary, which should happen some time after the Boquete summary, which, in my mind at least, is horribly overdue.


One Response to “Current location: Studio apartment, Bocas Town,Colon Island, Panama”

  1. Tony Says:

    Hello, I enjoy your comments and value your opinions, seem very informative, and funny at times. Good for you, being able to this traveling and sharing with us. Good times, good luck to both of you.

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