A little upscale…


Here are 3 price lists from the gourmet grocery here in Bocas Town.  As usual, living an American standard of life is more expensive outside of America, since it has to be imported.


5 Responses to “A little upscale…”

  1. V Says:

    Yes, those prices are very American, although more  like a Tennessee town than a good NJ deli, because a $5 roast beef sandwich is hard to find in these parts! I found a blog written several years ago by a couple sailing through the area, who loved their stay in Bocas del Toro, can’t wait to compare your observations to theirs. My husband and I are still planning our move to Central America in the next month or so, still haven’t figured out where we are going to land. We’re so fortunate that there are people willing to take the time to record their observations for us to compare and digest. (PS- great interview, and I agree, yours is the best cost of living blog I’ve seen.)

    • cgearhart Says:

      Thanks V!

      There are, of course, cheaper groceries available, but the variation in price continues to surprise me. Each store seems to have some items that are a little cheaper than most and some that are kind of shockingly expensive, and everyone carries mostly the same things (some stores do have better selection, but you still see the same brands of the same items mixed in).

  2. V Says:

    Something else I’ve been wanting to ask, a bit random I guess – how are the places you’ve been visiting  for runners? I’ve gone running in some countries and been looked at like I was from Neptune rather than the US, and there are other places where the vehicular traffic (not always cars) was just so crazy I didn’t even attempt to run. Being able to roll out of bed, step out the front door and go for a run is definitely something I’m looking for, just not sure how likely that is to happen in Central America towns. Any input you feel like sharing will be appreciated!

  3. cgearhart Says:

    In Placencia and San Juan del Sur you could jog the beaches, no problem. In San Juan del Sur you’d have some company. In Utila, it would be pretty dangerous because of the traffic. In Esteli, have at it. Traffic is light on most roads, certainly manageable. Ditto for Boquete, which had a few joggers and dog walkers out and about. In Panama City jogging was popular in the parks, which had marked trails, but out on the street its unimaginable. Here in Bocas del Toro, it seems like it would be fine; light traffic and a local beach nearby.

  4. […] reasonable in price and selection.  There was also an upscale import grocery market called Super Gourmet on the South side of town where we purchased a few indulgent items, but the pricing was so […]

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