Farmer’s market


Two pictures from the Tuesday farmer’s market here in Boquete.


5 Responses to “Farmer’s market”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Please tell me you bought a loaf of bread!

  2. V Says:

    wow- everything looks fabulous – but is a loaf of bread really $4??

  3. cgearhart Says:

    We haven’t been to their bakery, so I can’t say if the prices are raised for the farmer’s market crowd (this is not a local produce market but very much a gringo affair).

    Alternately, we buy fresh loaves of egg bread at a bakery in town for US$1.10 and medium sized baquetes (enough for 4 of more servings) for about US$0.40.

  4. v Says:

    Ok – much better! You’ve been in Boquete for a month or so now – have you found it easy to get around without a car? how does it compare to Granada or San Juan del Sur in that regard?

    • cgearhart Says:

      Yeah, it’s not a problem. San Juan del Sur is an apt comparison, since both of these towns are basically the last stop on their roads. I live about 6 minutes outside of the town center and don’t hesitate to go in for any small item I need. The only consideration is the weather; this is rainy season, so if I need something and it’s not raining I get it as quickly as possible.

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