Around Chitre


Meat counter prices in Chitre, Panama and gift for that special someone who loves metal and pot.


2 Responses to “Around Chitre”

  1. V Says:

    I have to admit – I had to find a site that translated Spanish cuts of meats into ones that I see when I go to the local Shop-Rite! very cheap prices in Chitre. how does that compare to what you’ve found in boquete? i will be in Central
    America in September and boquete wasn’t on my list of places to visit- doesn’t seem to have much of the central “downtown” feel to the city center as what I’ve heard about in other places, but if it’s affordable, maybe I will stop by anyway.

    thanks again for all your posts. I look forward to reading your new entries every week!

    • cgearhart Says:

      I’d agree with that; there’s not much of a “downtown” to Boquete. I haven’t done a one-to-one comparison on meat prices, but I’ll try to snap a shot of the local meat counter for comparison and get it posted soon. We’re definitely finding it affordable though. Since we never settled down in Chitre, we only browsed the groceries and never really dug in. But the prices here in Boquete seem comparable, though some items are a dime or so more. The draw here is definitely the climate and the scenery and you’re only about 30-45 minutes from David (a major city).

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