Current location: Rental casa, Granada, Nicaragua


Price of beer in a bar: US$0.68 for 12 ounces of local beer
Song currently stuck in my head: Ironic (Alanis Morissett)

Life has a funny way… of sticking a shitty song in your head for days at a time and I don’t remember how it became the hideously inaccurately named “Ironic”, but it did. I can’t blame Dave Coulier’s ex for the widespread misuse of the term (that song was more symptom than cause), but it certainly didn’t help matters, leading to years of people referring to any instance of bad luck as “ironic”, such as precipitation on a rare and special event. If I remember correctly this was her follow up single to “Your Ought To Know”, a one-two punch where she releases a song in which she plays a psycho ex and then comes back with a song that reminds us of the annoying habits, like misuse of “ironic,” that led us to leave in the first place.

We’re at the halfway point in our Granada experiment and things are going well. The city has a lot to offer, though thus far we’ve stuck to the more mundane aspects: the cinema, groceries, cheap restaurants, cafes, ATMs and the occasional bar. Over the remaining 2 weeks The Girlfriend wants to take in more of the tourist and cultural offerings, waterfronts and art exhibits and such. I’m excited about finally seeing Apoyo and the Granada Isletas, a chain of hundreds of tiny islands just outside of town in Lake Nicaragua. We did a little bit of bar hopping this weekend and found, to my surprise, a few small crowds of American Spring Breakers. Don’t get any ideas, Joe Francis, they were mostly specialized groups like a trio of grad students from Yale or a lively pack of guys from Manchester College doing some kind of medical work. An incredulous “The fuck are you doing in Nicaragua?” was always a welcome conversation starter.
After a tense 72 hours of shouting and hairpulling, I managed to overhaul the laptop, upgrading the aging IBM X30 to Ubuntu 10.10 (LINK: http://www.ubuntu.com/) via USB 1.1 (the USB expansion card isn’t recognized until an OS is loaded, you see). I’d been wanting to do this for a while but needed a new stick to even begin to consider it, and preferably I’d have had another machine around to use to consult the web while everything went (and, for a significant period, stayed) horribly awry. The USB 1.1 was the worst, since every attempt took 2 or 3 hours to fail instead of 45 minutes. In the end my biggest issue was the need for a small boot partition up front on the disk (the bios is too old to map the entire 320GB hard drive, it seems), but now I have a nice, swift(ish) system with a few useful improvements.

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of inaction on this trip. The heat gives you an obvious excuse and not much is expected of someone in my position. Hitting the gym really reinvigorates my motivation, though, as does a daily routine (I’ve been frequenting a local cafe for hours most mornings, mimicking the behavior of throngs of America’s urban self and/or un-employed). It can keep me going all day.

Yeah, the coffee has a funny, funny way… of helping you out; helping you out.

That’s right, share my pain.


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