Photos, now significantly less shitty


The Girlfriend received a new camera for xmas, a simple point and shoot, but the advantages are two-fold:

1) Better equipment means better pictures
2) Smaller camera means The Girlfriend actually takes pictures sometimes now, and you’re no longer subjected predominantly to my talentless eye.

For example…

Our room at Chester’s followed by an advertisement for Dorsey’s services.


2 Responses to “Photos, now significantly less shitty”

  1. Heather Says:

    Wow looks like it’s a tough life.

  2. cgearhart Says:

    It’s a mix. I know you’d HATE (really, really HATE) what we did to get out here, as well as some aspects of being here, but commuting sucks too and all that was ever at the end of my commute was a windowless lab.

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