Current Location: Budget hotel, Bluefields, Nicaragua


Price of beer in a bar: US$1.74/liter advertised credibly
Song currently stuck in my head: Romantic Rights (Death From Above 1976) (The Phone Lovers remix)

After spending a week at Pelican Eyes anything else can seem a little drab.  I’m sitting in the restaurant behind which we’ve rented a room for the next few days.  I’ve trained a fan directly on me from two feet away to keep the flies at bay.  My internet connection moves at the speed of Morse code in the hands of untrained operators.  Years ago I read a guidebook, probably LP, that described this town in such stark terms you’d think it shot the author’s dog.  “Dreary, rainy, damp, depressing din of country western music…” it’s amazing they even bothered to include it.  Obviously my first thought was “I have to see this for myself”.  Now, years later, I’m staring at it and I’m not sure what to make of what I see.  There are only a few white people around, but that’s still far more than I’d been led to believe.  Though the seldom objective LP rhetoric has softened in the subsequent years, most of the guidebooks still approach this town from a “if you get stuck there in transit, here’s how to make the best of it” perspective.

Just 2 days ago I had 250kBps downspeed, hot water, two large comfortable mattresses to choose from (each with an excess of clean, crisp linens) and a large kitchen equipped with a refrigerator with an ice maker in the door.  Visiting relatives of The Girlfriend’s decided to vacation amongst our Nicaraguan environs and played host for 8 days in their upscale rental casa, giving us a first hand look at the tourist experience in San Juan del Sur.  We toured a nature reserved, had screaming fights with monkeys, zip lined through the tree tops, hassled sea turtles (getting pictures of the eggs, laid in real time, is a rather invasive and almost proctological maneuver but one our certified guide assured us was reasonable) and lounged about at leisure.  I’ll have to wait for a final appraisal from the visitors; impressions voiced during the visit were mixed but largely positive.

From here we intend to boat out to The Corn Islands, a destination of which I’ve long dreamed but was previously dissuaded by the 15 hour bus ride to the 2 hour boat ride to here, still short of little corn by 2 boats, one of which runs far less than daily.  We flew here, opting to spend a few days in town rather than fly straight through.  Put another way, we took the fast way here and are taking the SLOW way further out, taking 4 days to travel a distance that would have taken 20 minutes in our plane.  Most of that is waiting.

I don’t have much hope for maintaining this uplink long enough to do what I want to do, which includes downloading Wait Wait (RSS), This American Life (RSS), Carolla (RSS), getting on top of some email and browsing a few favorite sites; the essentials for self-entertainment. So I’m going to keep this short.  There’s almost no chance of a picture going up on Wednesday, I think I’m out on the very edge of the infoverse here.


One Response to “Current Location: Budget hotel, Bluefields, Nicaragua”

  1. MsBeautySoul Says:

    I’ll be spending a few days in Bluefiels in May so I cant wait to read about the rest fo your time there.

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