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I’ll post more about my impressions of developed world entrepreneurs in the developing world (hint: the odds are against them), but fyl has put together a terrific post over at nicaliving.com about the pros and cons of starting a business in Nicaragua.

People in the states are constantly telling me what I should do, business wise, down here. Similarly, expats always ask what you did in The States and then appraise it’s applicability to the local market or telecommuting. Fyl has collated and clearly summarized most of the constraints and advantages that I try to articulate in both conversations.

Business on Training Wheels: http://www.nicaliving.com/node/18170


9 Responses to “Business Ideas”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    Hey! So a group of my friends are coming to your hood for a 30th birthday. They’re all staying at Pelican Eyes (which is super expensive for the hood). I went on a kind of spontaneous trip to Southeast Asia recently and my bank account is pretty beat up. Assuming we do some debaucherous drinking and eating (both in town and at the resort) and take a few day trips, what’s your best guess as to how much it’ll set me back? (Pelican eyes is something like $450 for the week, theres 7 of us sharing a cabin?) Anyhow, thanks in advance for any advice as to how I should budget for this. I think they all want to zipline and do stuff like that but i’m happy to leave it out to save the money unless it’s absolutely a sine qua non. Thoughts? Also, if I make it out, I’ll buy you and the girl a beer or two as thanks 😉

    • Jasmine Says:

      Following up to say that I did, indeed see your spreadsheet (and it is exhaustive!), but I guess I’m having issues doing the math on 1 week’s worth of consumption.

      Also, my friends all have more money than me so spend it quite loosely, which is definitely more my problem than theirs…

      • cgearhart Says:

        I can’t really speak to the cost of eating and drinking at the bars/restaruants at Pelican Eyes; I’ve eyed the menu and it’s 3-5X what you’d expect to pay in town. The layout is sprawling, though, and you’re just as likely to be drinking your own booze as theirs (meaning the difference between a public area and the bars are pretty vague). So a full bottle of good rum will cost you about US$7, a liter of beer about US$1.50 (plus deposit) at a store. Bottle service is the norm at the bars and a hip bottle (375ml) of good rum at the bar will cost you about US$8.26. Meals at the market (cheapest option in town, still tasty, try the jalapeno chicken if you eat meat) are US$2.30 (breakfast, lunch and dinner, though they close around 5:30). A seafood dinner on the beach will cost you about US$10, US$12 is the most you’ll spend. Other food will fall somewhere in between the market and the seafood.

        On a given day, you can eat some bakery items for breakfast for a dollar, have lunch at the market, have a burger out at a bar for dinner and drink a half sized (375ml) bottle of rum at said bar for for US$20. Or you could do the bakery, the market, a fritanga (local grill) and the same amount of rum on your veranda for US$10.

        One thing I’d suggest, if your room doesn’t include drinking water and you don’t like the tap (it’s safe), buy one of the large 5 gallon bottles of water. You’re going to end up carrying it all up there anyway and a 5 gallon bottle costs about the same as a liter, oddly.

      • cgearhart Says:

        BTW, Casa Oro is a popular local tour operator. We use them for beach transport, but I have no idea how their tours are. Whether or not you book through them, you can get an idea of pricing here: http://www.casaeloro.com/templates/index.html

  2. The Girlfriend Says:

    Jasmine- may i suggest this resort too: my parents thought about staying here, so it’s on par with Pelican Eyes, and way closer to town than the Finca Las Nubes place.

  3. The Girlfriend Says:

    Have you checked this site?


  4. The Girlfriend Says:

    Mango Rosa, El Jardin, and Casa del Soul come recommended too. They are on the sanjuandelsurguide website

  5. Jasmine Says:

    I love you guys! And you were so quick to respond! I’ll reach out to a few of those places to see who has availability, thanks so much.

    The farm one is far from the beach but Colin is, for the moment, obsessed with getting up and milking cows and picking his own eggs. We’ll see how he feels about it tomorrow… 😉

  6. cgearhart Says:

    That first link isn’t working for me (google verifies it’s correct, but it’s down). If you have trouble, try http://www.villasdepalermo.com/index.asp instead.

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