Current Location: Apartment, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Price of beer in a bar: US$1.85/liter
Song currently stuck in my head: Starstrukk (3OH!3)

I should mention that I’m using a rate of US$1:C$21.6 for all of my Nicaraguan conversions because that was the rate when I arrived. In reality the Cordoba is depreciating continuously against the dollar and the official rate gives you about 30 centavos more per dollar than when we crossed the Honduran border (roughly 3 months ago). For consistency I’ll probably continue to use the 21.6 number on the spreadsheets unless a serious swing of some kind takes place.

I’m sitting here at 4:23am uninterested in sleeping. I keep the hours of an old man so I seldom get to hear the town this quiet. Right now each wave of the surf is clearly audible as are crickets and the occasional rooster. Normally the youth center is still cranking out god-awful mixes of Lady Gaga and/or Justin Beiber sped up 15% for no obvious reason when I head to bed at 9pm and the ambling street vendors have started yelling in concert with the local dogs before I get up. It’s the tradeoff for being in town and without AC; it’s fucking loud. We regularly have to pause our indoor, 2nd floor conversations because a truck is driving by either without a muffler or with huge PA monitors in the back (or both) blasting out an advertisement for some local bar. The local population has a pretty low literacy rate, so if you want to advertise an event fliers ain’t gonna cut it. Apparently shouting it at them from a truck driving in circles works well. As you can imagine, these looped recordings aren’t understated appeals to reason but rather spots of the “SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNNNNNNDAYYYYYYY!!!” variety. My Spanish still sucks, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t been assured of the inefficiency of purchasing “the whole seat”… yet.

I’ve noticed a couple of pairs of sunglasses around town that I really dig. I’m sure they cost more than my rent, but if anyone can point me toward them I’d appreciate it. The best way I can describe them is that the frames are wide but very thin. The appearance is almost as though the frame pieces were cut from sheets rather than molded. It gives them a very modern and uncomplicated appearance. NOTE TO WHOEVER MAKES THESE: nice work. I will hawk the shit out of your product to the literally dozens of people who read this page annually if you send me a pair. I’m all full of integrity and everything, but it’s totally for hire.

Last week, after that long awaited shower, we promptly lost water access again but the next day it started flowing and hasn’t stopped since. We read yesterday about plans to route water over from Lake Nicaragua in order to stabilize the supply. I have no idea where the supply comes from currently.

The Girlfriend is off to another beach town for a few days, which is like being single except that it’s nothing like being single. But it has given me the opportunity to spray insecticide on every wasp I see in our apartment without the squeamish verbal aftermath of a semi-crunchy girlfriend. Golden. I firmly believe that, almost without exclusion, if it’s on the shelf then it’s safe for you to use AS DIRECTED and ON OCCASION. I believe that when you find yourself using these products with sustained repetition, then you should show some discretion; buy a particulate mask, look into citronella, whatever. But I can’t tell you the last time I bought a can of insecticide before this trip. Now I’m not saying you should bathe in the stuff. I don’t recommend that you wash your dishes with it. But when a hornet the size of a camel unfiltered hums it’s way into my home, I feel confident that waging my narrow chemical warfare offers an acceptably low (that is, negligible) risk of Thalidomide like tragedies unfolding.


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  1. Lorraine Says:

    got a picture of the sunglasses?

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