Current Location: Apartment, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua


Price of beer in a bar: US$0.69 for a bottle of Brahva
Song currently stuck in my head: Sequestered in Memphis (The Hold Steady)

I feel like a can of smashed assholes. A minor accounting error with major ramifications had The Girlfriend and I living at near sustenance levels while our budget erroneously decremented daily. Upon realizing my error we took our new found “wealth” and promptly set out for a bit of nightlife with a visiting friend. Now I can hear my pulse.

Before this self destructive agenda got put into motion we went surfing and it turns out we like it a lot. We spent Friday catching small waves on huge, nerfed out surf boards after a couple of hours of introductory instruction. Yesterday, before my hangover, my abrasions, blisters, bruises and sore muscles were my major malady. Today the aftermath of 15 hours of drinking dwarfs all other issues, though really it’s the cigar that hurts the worst.

Last week’s hog roast gave way to last week’s Thanksgiving Dinner and we suddenly seem to know way more people. There’s the typically fascinating collection of expats who have washed up on the shores of SJDS; retirees, profiteers, families from the US, Canada, Europe, South America and throughout Nicaragua; we have an invite to another party this week at a guesthouse just outside of town. When the time comes, this will be a hard town to leave.

And maybe I was a little too quick to dismiss my titanium spork. My hikingest friend took the opportunity to point out how happy he was with his, so I promised myself I’d use mine for a week and see what I thought. Now it’s the only utensil I reach for.


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