Current Location: New Apartment, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua


Price of beer in a bar:  A popular bar advertises Brahva for US$0.69, but I haven’t been there yet, so we’ll go with US$1.16 for a 12 ounce bottle and US$1.85 for a liter of Tona.
Song currently stuck in my head: Prince Charles’ Latest Affair (Mo Horizons)

Things in my pack I should discard but haven’t been able to.:

I have a Titanium spork that I should get rid of.  I’ve had it for years and never had to use it.  Plus it has a mild but unpleasent taste.  But it seems like the kind of thing that should be useful.

I have two pairs of pants that I should get rid of.   One pair are convertible travel pants, baggy and heading for tattered.  I’ve had them since my first trip out of the country and they’ve been on every trip with me since.  I’m not nostalgic, they’re just versatile.  But now I have a similar but superior pair and have barely put the old ones on since I left.  I’m also carrying a pair of once awesome linen pants that are tattered and quickly deteriorating further.  In my mind both of these pants are “laundry day last resorts”.  In practice their deadweight.

I have two or more shirts with me that I should get rid of. Many of them were packed with the intention of discarding them along the way; I figured it was better to throw them out after a couple of uses in hot humid climes than throw them out with the rest of my possessions in the big pre-trip purge of 2010. But it get’s hard to throw away even a stretched out, ripped or stained shirt when it represents 10% of you total remaining shirt collection. But it’s not like they don’t sell shirts in these parts.

I have a mosquito net that I should get rid of. I’ve had this for a long time as well, and I’ve almost never used it. When I have, I’ve been eaten alive by mosquitoes because while mosquitoes can’t fly through it, they can bite through it. So any part of your body that touches the net throughout the night gets a cluster of bites on any spot that lingers. In my experience, if there’s electric, then a fan always works better. Mosquitoes are too weak to fly in the path of a fan, so bath your sleeping self in moving air and you’re better off.

The Girlfriend and I arrived in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua (SJDS) on Friday, toured a handful of rental options and moved into our new place yesterday. I’ll have more on that next week, but for now I’ll brag that we scored a very livable place close to the beach for a low price. We have an extra bedroom and 29 days to go, so get in touch and on kayak.com (destination: Managua) if you want to visit. Priority goes to anyone willing to teach The Girlfriend and I to surf.


2 Responses to “Current Location: New Apartment, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua”

  1. Heather Says:

    I just priced flights, can’t afford it right now with Christmas coming. Unless you can convince the family to go without this year:)

  2. […] maybe I was a little too quick to dismiss my titanium spork. My hikingest friend took the opportunity to point out how happy he was with his, so I promised […]

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