More Food


Our standby for food when we don’t feel like cooking is the fritanga that sold us all of this for about US$6.50.  The plate in the back matches the one in front and the chicken was particularly good this night.  Fritangas are street food, though here they usually have a few plastic tables set up or a trailer to sit around.  I narrowly missed Anthony Bourdain here in town about 2 weeks ago (I ran into his small film crew, or vice versa) and I can only assume, given his well publicized love of street food, that something very similar to this was on the menu.


2 Responses to “More Food”

  1. […] of food for about US$2.30 and juices for an extra US$0.46.  Street food was the norm for dinner; large, delicious plates of wood grilled chicken, rice and beans and salad, usually carried out and costing as little as US$2.55 (sweet plantains extra).  As our month was […]

  2. […] food options, though we never got around to patronizing the vendors in the park.  There were no fritangas akin to Esteli, which is really too bad, though Nuestro Mundo (on along Parque Central) hosts an approximation on […]

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