Streets of Esteli


It’s difficult to do a backdrop like this justice without the perfect vantage point, the right equipment and talent.  I’m 0-3 so you’re going to have to take what you can get.

This is just one block off of the central park; most towns of this size in this region are built around a central cathedral/park combo, each taking up one city block.


One Response to “Streets of Esteli”

  1. Viv and Bill Says:

    Don’t think the last comment was sent due to Tigo outage. We always enjoy reading your news, information, and observations. Wonderful travelogue. We’re thankful we could spend a little time with you on Utila and hope you can stay with us during your next swing through the Roatan area. As for this island, with four plus weeks of rain behind us, and more rain in front of us, thanks now in large part to TS Richard, we are getting cabin fever. We hope you guys are spared much rain. But for us the north bound flight never looked so good. Nevertheless, we are pleased with the progress on the property thus far and really yearn to actually build Bungalow A. We wish you both safe travels and lots of wonderful experiences. Best always to you.

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