Follow up


I asked Jaime to elaborate on just what was in that Osprey Porter 46.  Here is the pack list for her 1 year trip:

I had something like:

2 pants
1 long skirt (locals appreciate the modesty)
1 short skirt (for swimsuit cover)
1 long underwear top (that was nice enough to wear to dinner)
3 short-sleeve shirts (1 casually nice, 2 t-shirt types)
1 tanktop
2 bikinis
1 lightweight fleece
1 lightweight rain/wind jacket
2 pair socks
5-6 undies (I refuse to skimp in this department)
2 bras
Lightweight hiking shoes (not boots)
Bucket/sun hat
1 fleece beanie cap (Cuz I get cold easily, but [husband] was sometimes jealous)

[Husband] had:

2 pants
1 pair shorts
1 long underwear top (nice enough to wear to dinner)
1 black, lightweight sweater (instead of a fleece)
1 casual button-up shirt
2-3 short-sleeve shirts
1 pair swimtrunks
1 lightweight rain/wind jacket
2 pair socks
2 undies (yes, he often wore them 2-3 times)
Hiking boots…later sold and purchased running shoes

I’m guessing you probably have more gadgets than we carried which can take up more space. We had a 1 camera and 2 iPods, but added 1 netbook w/ headphones for Skype (no mouse or DVD drive) and 1 cell phone 6 months into it.

Other than that, I think we just had:

1 sarong each (doubled as towels for showering or sheets for some hotels and buses)
1 headlamp each
1 ziploc-size first-aid kit with basics, anti-malarial & antibiotics
1-2 books each
1-2 guidebooks at a time
1 pocketknife
2 carabineers
1 laundry line
1 flat sink plug (that we lost about about 2 months into the trip)
Toiletries (only trial-size, and I hunted down space-saving O.B. tampons wherever possible)
Powder laundry detergent rubber banded and inside a ziploc
Water purification tablets, although we ended up buying bottled water
1 waterproof backpack cover
Photocopies of passports & immunization records (emailed those & credit card scans to myself too)

I’ll be out of reach for a few days but will make every effort to post later in the week.

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