Follow up


I just received an email from my friend Jaime, who recently completed a long term, multi-continental trip with her husband.  She agreed to let me post some of it here:

…I think you already have your photo storage figured out.  If not, we loved using Picasa web albums, cuz we were able to upload photos as we went, send the link to friends we met along the way who were in the photos, and the could download them at full size…which they loved.  I hated when people would take photos and post them on FaceBook, cuz they’re tiny, and you can’t do anything with them except look.

We used Doxycylcine for anti-malaria cuz it ws the cheapest, but after awhile, we stopped taking them cuz they made our stomachs queezy regardless of whether we took them with food.  This only occured after a few weeks.  Stuck to the repellant, and never had a problem.  We know several people who got dengue fever, but were treated were fine after a couple weeks of being tired all the time and feverish occasionally.

I know you guys are on a different mission than we were, but we were able to keep all of our possessions contained in one carry-on size bag each…sooooo handy.  If you haven’t already sorted out your bag, Jason had a fantastic one (Osprey Porter 46 Travel Pack) that I’d recommend if you’re not planning to do hardcore backpacking…the straps are good but not meant for multi-day climbing.  The material was sturdy, it locks completely with a luggage lock, it compresses really well, it opens completely for easy access to your stuff, and its side handle makes getting on and off transporation a breeze.  Plus it wasn’t too expensive.  There was a larger size too if you need more space.  I had a 35L traditional internal frame, so when we did multi-night backpacking trips, we’d combine our stuff into my pack which had better support…

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