Current Location: Mendoza, Argentina, in some alcove of my hostel using the one out of 4 computers that are for guest use.


Cost of beer in a bar: about US$1.  We just had 4 Fillet Mignon
sandwiches and 4 pints of beer for US$13.
Song currently stuck in my head: Perhaps (Couplings is playing in the
other room)

Alright, let´s get this started…

I went to the jungle.  Actually, it was the “Pampa”, an area in the
Amazon basin where we boated around for days with The Dutch Family
Robinsons, stalking Caymans (basically alligators) Caiberras
(basically huge guinea pigs), swimming with dolphins and fishing for
piranha.  It was about as cool as it sounds.

Next we spent 3 days touring the southern areas of Bolivia (salt
flats, lakes, freezing cold, etc) and crossed over into Chili based on
a last minute time saving decision.  We bussed down to Santiago and
then over here to Mendoza, about 33 hours in all and considerably
quicker and cheaper than our old plan.  Chili is pretty much 1st-world
and was a bit of a culture shock to see.  US style infrastructure
complete with convenience stores and no one vomiting or spitting on the
buses or pissing on the side of the street.  We ain´t in Bolivia

Argentina seems very, very cool at first sight.  I´ve cleared me
schedule tomorrow, intending solely to take in some of the city.  I
really intended to recollect some stories this week, but this keyboard
is so god-awful that it´s taken me 30 minutes to get this far.  I hope
to add an addendum later this week.