Current location: Seemingly nameless internet cafe, Trujillo, Peru


Cost of beer in a bar: You know the score: US$1=20 ounces in South America.
Song currently stuck in my head: Slam (Onyx).  What ever happened to
Sticky Fingas, anyway?

I´m going to try to make this quick.  I´m in Trujillo, which is a
pretty cool town with good food, good prices, and a nice cheap cinema.
I saw Ocean´s 13 yesterday (much better than 12) and The Fantastic
Four 2 (much better if you´re 12).  But I was hoping to be stranding
on the corner being yelled at by bus employees 15 minutes ago, so I´m
a little behind.  My hope is to go to another town 20 minutes away,
find a room, possibly drop off some laundry, and organize a day hike
to some ruins.  So it´s a busy day.

Since last I wrote I´ve been to Banos, which I´m pretty sure means
toilet, which only goes to prove that I don´t understand what the fuck
is going on in Ecuador.  When I speak spanish people just stare at me.
When I tell them I don´t understand what they´re saying they say it
faster, adding many, many more words.  Every yes or no question is
answered in essay form.  I was fine in Centro, and in Peru people seem
to understand me, but in Ecuador it´s all jibberish from both sides.

Toiletsburgh well illustrates my being out of touch, Ecuadorially
speaking.  It was by far the best town we visited in Ecuador.  The hot
springs, which I´ve often been around but never tried, were cranked up
to the dangerous and dizzying levels of heat that I adore.  We went
white water rafting (another first for me) at Sarah´s behest and I´m
so glad that we did.  Then 39 hours of land travel brought us to
Trujillo, Peru, where I´ve been for a day or so.  We crossed the
Ecuadorian-Peruvian border via a different route this time, one that
the writers of The Rough Guide to South America and I agree is
superior to our more westernly prior route.  Such agreements are
disappointinglyrare, but it still beats no guide at all.  Really I´m
in awe of how much info is crammed into a travel guide, even a

I´m alive, vaguely on budget, somewhat healthy, sober(ish) and on the move…