Current Location: Peruvian Airport


No promises for today or tomorrow folks.  I slept in a Peruvian
airport waiting for an arrival that, at this point, has been delayed
14 hours.

I hate the american air carriers so much that I can´t even being to
describe it here without destroying this computer equipment.  I´ve
been treated like shit by them repeatedly, and I decide to never fly
certain carriers again.  And it pointless because then the federal
government takes my tax money and hands it directly to them.  It´s no
longer necessary that they provide me a service, they get paid either
way.  Then after the bailout they still axe their retirement benefits
and lay off their employees.  And it´s all bullshit.  The industry
doesn´t require this kind of subsidy to survive.  Look at Southwest,
who is profitable and widely loved.  At Delta, they loves them some
antiquated hub-based business model and it be showin in their
lumbering dinosaur of a corporate structure.  And they´re not alone.

Is there any other service provider that you´d accept this shame full
level of service from?  I´ve been told that flights were on time that
never left the ground on time.  They were NEVER, at any point, ON
TIME.  I sit around repeatedly and watch people, delayed for 6 hours 4
times across 3 different gates, give a standing ovation when their
plane finally starts boarding.  THIS INCOMPETENT ASSHOLES DESERVE A
STANDING OVATION for screwing you over for 6 hours!?!?!?!!?!  Fucking

I hate them so much.

So, anyway, way busy the next few days, especially after this setback.
Will get back with you when the beachside Ecuadorean liquor has
soothed my nerves or, alternately, may contact you asking that you
write the consulate/hire mercenaries to free me from a Peruvian jail
after I snap this morning.