Current location: La Paz, Bolivia


Cost of beer in a bar: about US$1.20, but that gets you what looks
like 20 ounces or so of beer.  Coincidentally, that’s the same price
as lunch, including a lot of rotisserie chicken, rice, french fries,
and plantains.
Song currently stuck in my head: Red Eyes and Tears, by Black Rebel
Motorcycle Club

I hurt.

I went for a bit of a hike with my friend Dan.  It took three days and
encompassed 30+ miles and crossed 3000 meters of altitude.  Previously
that wouldn’t have been an accessible concept to me, so let me put it
this way:  I walked from shiver inducing cloud forest to sweat box
tropics.  Dan considered day 2 to be one of the most difficult days of
hiking he’d ever encountered, and who am I to argue.  It was an overly
aggressive coming out party for me and I’m paying for it.  I have what
can best be described as shooting, debilitating pains in my
calves/ankles/thighs/shoulders/neck.  The seven blisters on my feet
contribute to this overall feeling that I like to describe as “leave
me alone.”

Let me back up.

I’ve been hanging around La Paz with Sean, Dan, Rob, and Jaq.  Then
Dan and I set out for a 3 day hike to Coroico while Rob and Sean went
off swimming with river dolphins and, assumedly, collecting stickers
for their notebooks.  Jaq has a day job.  At the end of my
excruciating pre-spanish path was a nice resort with pool and sauna
for US$7 a night.  Is there a sauna waiting for you at the end of the
Inca Trail?  No?  Well… IN YOUR FACE, MACCHU PICCHU!11!!.  I’ll
likely return to Coroico after I travel north to an Ecuadorean surf
town called Montanita and then begin the migration south to Buenos

I’ve accidental lost a lot of my best pictures and I’m a bit
disappointed about it.  I’m storing all of my photos in multiple
places, but I think these were over-written and the mistake was
replicated.  I’m basically missing all of Nicaragua and Panama, which
is a real shame.  I’d love pictures of San Blas and San Jaun Del Sur
specifically, if anyone on the list has any from when we were there.

My trusted inconspicuous black duffel bag is reaching the end of it’s
usefulness and will need to be replaced soon.  I should have bought
something in Panama City, where the selection was much better, but I
failed to notice just how bad things had gotten.

Take care folks.