Right now:

I’m a little drunk on an island just outside of Panama City (I love
Panama City).  I’m hanging at the pool at a small condo complex with
the owner and the owners of my guesthouse.  It’s a guy from Chicago, a
girl from Michigan, and a guy from Argentina.

Chicago guy: used to tour with Loggins and Messina.  If you don’t know
who that is, google “yacht rock” and watch the first episode.  He
opened for them with a band named “Cahoots” (sp).

Repeat:  I’m on a pacific island, drinking with a guy who used to tour
with Loggins and Messina.  And I believe him.  You get a lot of
bullshit from expats down here.  You learn to filter it.

I feel like I’m one step shy of drinking with Walter Becker in his
Hawaiian studio.

I love Panama.