Current Location: AC’s Internet, Utila, Honduras Bay Islands


Price of Beer in a bar: holding steady at US$1.30
Song stuck in my head: Too Sick To Pray (A3) (or Alabama 3 for readers
outside of the US).

I was playing ping pong in Ding Dang…

Sorry about being a day late.  Yesterday was a bit full.  I woke up
and had some breakfast, and then Jake and I and an international array
of bikini clad divers spent the day boating around the island,
stopping at various beaches, lots, and cayes (alright, only one caye)
with my local real estate agent, his electrician, and the boat
captain.  That lasted about 5 or 6 hours, and left us famished, hot,
and salty.  So a quick shower, a meal of freshly made pasta (I had the
penne in a spicy bacon and tomato sauce) and Chilean wine (dish and my
half of the wine: US$10.  A bit of a splurge, I know, but I am
entertaining guests), a few cocktails over the water and under the
stars, and the next thing you know all of the internet cafes are

I told Sarah that I wanted to have a videographer come along so that I
could be just like that asian gentleman who used to sell his method to
real estate millions on late night american infomercials.  Does anyone
remember his name?  “You too could make millions in real estate!”

Also, before I forget, does anyone have any Patton Oswald (especially
the new one) or Greg Gerardo albums that they could upload for me?
I’d kill to hear either.

So my long time friend Jake Atz and his brother, Gabe Atz, arrived on
Saturday after driving from Bloomington, IN to Chicago, then flying to
Guatemala City, then San Salvador, then San Pedro Sula, then Ceiba,
then cabbed it to the ferry, then ferried to the island.  I made sure
to have a beer waiting.  We got Gabe set up in a local dive school (he
has his first open water dive tomorrow) and Jake and I have been
pretending to be international playboys on US$30 a day ever since.
Flor De Cana dreams and golfcart wishes…

Last week was rather uneventfull.  I found a few decent books (some
Vonnegut and some Tom Robbins) at the local bookstore and kept my mind
on keeping my costs low while I waited for Jake’s arrival.  I’m not
really traveling while I sit around Utila, but the money still come
out of my travel budget so I’m trying to live slim.

This weekend I intend to start the long trip to Panama, making up for
lost travel time by busing across 4 countries in 3 days, touring the
least appealing sights as I go.  Tegus (Honduran Capital/shithole),
then Managua (Nicaraguan Capital/shithole), then San Jose (Costa Rican
Capital and a personal least-fav amongst some pretty unlikeable
shitholes), then, finally, sweet sweet Panamanian soil.  I didn’t
creat the itinerary, that just how Ticabus rolls.  One way that they
don’t roll, however, is overnight.  Some say this is because of
dangerous rural areas with little police presence and some say it’s
because the company is opening hotels in each city that they overnight
in, but either way it adds about a day to the trip.  I spend that day
sleeping in Managua and San Jose.  I hate San Jose.

The only thing that will prevent me from cutting a straight path is if
I can time things with Christian Prefontain (you should hear him say
it), who will be surfing San Juan Del Sur (which is, coincidentally, the
wrong place to attempt to buy livestock in a bar) as I pass.  I’d love
to spend a week or many just 4 days or so hanging out there and
learning to surf, so if I can swing it then it will be swung.

I have a friend who lives there as well (Thomas), but I don’t know if
he’ll be around.  Hey, Thomas, will you be around?