Current location: Back on the island, baby. Utila, Honduras, at terminal 01 of the “Caye Caulker Cyber Cafe”. I have no idea why it’s named after Caye Caulker (a Belizean island). I’ll ask sooner or later. The proprieter knows me.


Price of beer in a bar:  Slightly over US$1.
Song currently stuck in my head: there’s a battle raging between
Spankrock’s “Bump” (“Behind my Gameboy I got game girl…”) and
Cracker’s “Big Dipper”.  Lyrically Spankrock isn’t quite nerdcore, but
it’s not that far off.

I was in a bar a few weeks ago here in Utila and I noticed some guy
that i didn’t recognize talking up a girl that I know casually.  A
little later I asked her if she had found something that she liked and
she said “I don’t really like guys, if you know what I mean”.

Somebody help me out here.  “If you know what I mean”?  WTF?  Is there
any way to imbibe ambiguity into that statement?  If so, I’ve not
found it.

So I’m back in Utila for another 4 weeks or so.  People know me here
and my real estate recon is already off to a terrific start.  I’m not
the only one, though, and land is going fast.  Beautiful land.  Land
with views of the carribean and land with the carribean its self
bordering one or more sides.  I made contact with an Englishman named
Matt, husband of Ainhoa (pronounced: “I know her”) who is cousin to
Goke (pronouced: “incorrectly, everytime, according to her”) who drove
me around nearly every land-accessible corner of the island on his
quad, pointing out stuff for sale, stuff recently sold, whether it was
listed, and other valuable info.  As I said, terrific start.

So I was in Guatemala last time I messaged.  I grabbed a van to Copan
(Honduras) with the intention of sleeping in San Pedro Sula
(commercial center of Honduras and AIDS capital of Central America)
and pushing to Utila the next day via a combination of land and sea
travel.  However along the way I spoke with two honduran girls who
were attempting to make it ALL THE WAY to Utila that same day.  This
is an ambitious move and, as I would later learn, an impossible dream
barring air travel.  At the time though, I was convinced and, even at
4 am when my van departed, somewhat invigorated by what I took to be
the “inside track” that I had gleaned.  I mentioned it to an Aussie
couple that were also sharing the van and they said that they were
attempting the same thing, but they had a secret weapon; Hedman Alas.
In case you’re not familiar with Hoduran bus lines, Hedman Alas is
expensive.  Really expensive.  Like 250% the price of the next
cheapest option, which is its self twice the price of the cheaper
busses.  I’d been curious what they were doing that justified this
mark up, and now I was told that I could get the only direct bus from
Copan to Ceiba (port town for the bay islands) if I was willing to try
them out.  I hesitated, then jumped.  They lied.  The bus was not
direct.  Direct is apparently one of those terms that doesn’t
translate well here, as I’ve learned in dealing with other lines.  I
had to switch busses in San Pedro Sula, where the staff were absolute
assholes to me at every step, including when I refused to stand in the
air conditioned (freezing) snack hut that they ordered us to stand in
while waiting 1.5 hours for our next bus.  All I wanted to do was
stand in front of the shop, literally 18 inches from the door and in
the way of nothing, and this led to repeated and somewhat heated
exchanges with the staff.

So, needless to say, the 1.5 hour layover gaurenteed that I wouldn’t
make Ceiba in time for the last ferry to Utila.  The next day flowed
smoothly though and now I’m here with a tab open at Treetanic and a
bottle of green dragon brewing in a friend’s kitchen cabinet.

My friend will arrive on May 5th (I think), so until then I’m
just bumming around Utila, looking at real estate, diving, snorkleing
and visiting the doctor (I’m almost due for a checkup and intend to
take advantage of an english speaking doctor in a country with plenty
of clean needles).

I miss traveling, though, as I did when I was here for 3.5 weeks
before.  If I get everything done here that I’d like to get done here,
then maybe I’ll go back to the mainland for a week or so until my friend
gets here.  There’s a national park outside of Ceiba that I want to
visit with a lodge and rafting/horseback riding/hiking/lodge at a
national park stuff.  After my friend’s visit it’s straight to Panama and
then on to Ecuador.

My days pass by with a relative lack of events here, so there’s not a
lot to write about.  I know I mentioned that a few weeks into my last
stay.  I’m going to go get some dinner.


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