One thing that I forgot to mention:

The Bundu Cafe, one of the more popular spots in Utila, hosts a weekly
pub quiz on Friday nights.  Chris and I were both a little damaged
from diving and merry making, so this fit the bill perfectly.  When we
arrived at the cafe we sat with my friend Will and met a handful of
travelling Aussies that were sharing the booth.  During the quiz we
were divided up into three teams, Chris and I pairing with 2 of the
Aussies.  We cleaned up, winning by a long shot and tradeing derisive
comments with the other teams throughout.  The shining moment,
however, occurred during the ¨name that tune¨ portion of the evening
when the sound system crooned the smooth sounds of Chicago´s favorite
certified paranoid schizophrenic singer/songwriter Wesley Willis.
Chris and I looked at each other in amazement.  The rest of the room
looked at each other in utter confusion.  Wesley, may he rest in
peace, shouted about a Rock and Roll McDonald´s.

Chris and I have each met Wesley in the past, which only further
dumbfounded the collection of euros, french canadians, kiwis, and
aussies in the room who had no idea what to make of the 300 odd pounds
of barely intelligible shouting that we were shouting along with,
scoring double points for track title and artist.