Current Location: La Ceiba, Honduras


Price of beer in a bar: about US$0.80, if I remember correctly
Song currently stuck in my head:  I’ve been listening to a bunch of
house that I haven’t really gone through, so the best I can tell you
is “that song that kind of sounds like The Season’s Reverse by Gastr
Del Sol”

That’s right, I’m back in Ceiba, having brought the ferry over just
hours ago.  Watching the locals remove their expensive jewelry on the
way in is a strong reinforcement of the idea that The Bay Islands are
Honduran in jurisdiction only.  After 3.5 weeks I’ve managed to break
free from Utila’s grasp, a feat I was increasingly doubting that I
could pull off.  I plan to return in a month or so to meet a friend
who is flying in to look at some real estate, but for now I’m
elsewhere bound.

Where?  Dunno yet.  I need to decide by tomorrow whether to spend the
next month in Guatemala or Panama.  Hopefully I can sketch out a loose
plan over dinner.  I’m looking forward to dinner tonight, we’re eating
at Ricardo’s, which is considered by many to be the best restaurant in
northern Honduras.  I ate there once when I first arrived here a month
of so ago and it was pretty good.

Highlights from the past week:  I swam with a whale shark.  This is
kind of a holy grail among scuba divers, as I understand it, and I
happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Whale sharks are
harmless to humans (they eat much smaller fish), but when you’re in
the water 6′ away from a 20′ fish it’s hard to keep that in mind.  It
scared the living shit out of me and I swam as fast as I could for the
boat.  The second time I was considerably more relaxed.  This occurred
between two dives that were each worthy of writing home about
themselves; a return to the Haliburton wreck and swim around Black
Hill, which teams with big, beautiful swimming life.

The entire island was whale shark crazy for a few days while they were
around, with boats going out over and over looking for them.  Boat
captains get a fat tip (like US$75) for putting people on whale
sharks, so they don’t take the task lightly.

Chris and I took a little trip out to Pumpkin Hill to look at some
property for sale.  Pumpkin hill is out there, along the other side of
the island (about 3 clicks from town).  This is hardly the place to
lay out a detailed overview of the current state Utilan real estate,
but suffice it to say we have interest.  The trip out there required a
6 wheeled, 4WD kind of super-golf cart with heavy suspension and even
then we could only get close (to a place on the coast with a great
view of the hill, about 150 yards away).  The trail to the actual
property hasn’t been maintained for about 8 months, and this is the
jungle, so it’s going to take some Laura Croft style adventuring to
get back there right now, but development is on it’s way.

Also, everyone on the island was on mushrooms for the latter half of
the week.  I’m not sure where they came from (aside from “that guy
with the big container of mushrooms”), but by Thursday the bars were
selling them in blended shots and by Friday everyone with a kitchen
had gotten together enough ingredients to make pizza.  It was a very
happy island with a special gleam in it’s eye.

I was pretty ill, digestively speaking, starting Friday.  It lasted
about 2 days and was the most significant stomach flu I’ve experienced
yet.  I do not believe this to be mushroom related.  Many of you know
of my aversion to over the counter medication, so it shouldn’t
surprise you to know that I was wholly unfamiliar with pepto bismal
until some friends provided some on Friday night.  Disgusting.  And to
top it off, our pirated copy of Lethal Weapon 2 was skipping so much
as to be entirely unwatchable.

My time on Utila felt like a vacation from travel from the moment I
arrived, and now my vacation is over and my travel is set to begin
again.  I’m leaning toward South America over Asia after Panama, but
that kind of changes daily.  To be honest, I haven’t priced flights
for either yet.