Current Location: Punta Gorda, Belize


Song stuck in my head: Kamera (Wilco)
Price of beer in a bar: US$2

Though Wilco is lodged tightly in my head, I have to admit I’ve been
listening to La Sexorcisto (White Zombie) a lot.  I mean a lot.  For
some reason it feels indulgent to tear ass down a dirt road in
Southern Mexico with “Welcome to Planet Motherfucker” overwhelming all
other sound, even if I am reclined in an air-conditioned bus.  For
those of you who are unfamiliar with the album, it has a heavy sort of
dusty, biker on the lam south of the border, cinematic feel to it.
Hopefully this gives you some context.

I’ve spent the last few days sitting on the beach in a town called
Placencia (Belize).  Francis Ford Coppola recently built a huge resort
nearby, so the area has a little more international notoriety than it
had in the past.  While Caulker was a frantic land grab, Placencia is
a long standing tourist destination that doesn’t seemed to be
experiencing much growth at all.  I can’t figure out why (the beaches
are better, it oozes with that Caribbean charm that tourists go other
places to see approximated, the infrastructure is well developed),
though it is by far the whitest town that I’ve been to.  Espresso
machines abound, wi-fi is widely available, and many other details of
American and European life are present.

I love expats and their communities, so this is all fine by me.

I left Caye Caulker on Tuesday with two other solo travelers, Stew and
Kathrine, and spent a few days in a Mayan guest house while hiking a
jaguar sanctuary.   The waterfalls were idyllic (I have photos, but no
USB cable with me right now), and that’s not a word I use lightly.

We made our way on south to Plancencia and spent 3 straight days on
the beach, boozing, sunning, hiding from the sun… great stuff.
David and Lynnae, who I’d enjoyed hanging out with on caulker, found
us on our second day in town.  David went on to… some other country,
so Lynnae is traveling with us until tomorrow when she boats on to
Gautemala alongside Kathrine.  Right now we’re newly arrived in Punta
Gorda, a sleepy town by all accounts and as far south as the highway
in Belize goes.

I’ll return to Placencia later in the week to catch a boat to Honduras
and likely head directly to the Bay Islands to learn SCUBA and,
hopefully, kiteboarding.

One major wrinkle that I’ve hit, though:  My bank is canceling my ATM
card and is issuing me a new one.  That means I’m without access to
cash for god knows how long.  This could get difficult.